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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 2, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a soggy sunday for many out there. for most of our area there was a flash flood watch in effect for much of the day. now it looks like we're pretty much in the clear. good sunday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. the storms that moved through this morning delayed flights and uprooted trees. the flash flood watch has can s canceled. >> things have calmed down. we had heavier rain this morning into the early afternoon hours. now that moisture has pushed offshore. however, we still have the threat of spotty showers and a thunderstorm or two. otherwise clearing skies throughout the overnight hours. right now on digital doppler for the most part, things are quiet. there are a few isolated showers north and to the west of the beltway. and we have one thunderstorm right there that did produce
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very heavy rain across far southern maryland. that one's finally pushing across chesapeake and the shore. we did see higher amounts underneath some of those heavier thunderstorms. right now temperatures are in the lower 80s. it's quite humid out there. in fact, the humid weather stays with us even though a front will eventually make its way across the area. miur back to work forecou c oep te s. werearlati prlcuy vicious in maryland where a to d ro sokertdbeann up h.edis ke robertson and hisso dautehe mi aict. mike said s it got dark and raid heavi heavily. now to a developing story we've been following in iraq today, a u.s. navy pilot missing since his plane was shot down 18 years ago has finally been
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pronounced dead. military forensic experts confirmed publicly today remains found last month in the iraqi desert belonged to captain michael scott speicher. >> his plane was shot down in iraq on january 17th, 1991. the very first night of the first gulf war. >> there's been a single american aircraft lost. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years neither his family nor the military knew what happened to navy pilot captain michael scot speicher. on monday came closure. his remains were found in the iraqi desert nrhe t wreckage of his plane.he thanks to an iraqi citizen who led american officials to his buried body. the military initially declared him killed but the lack of remains allowed the pentagon to change his status to missing in action and then captured when they found mss scratched into the wall of an iraqi prison. it now appears he died in the
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crash. it also appearsraqi veterans discovered his remains and gave him a burial not far from the wreckage of his f-18 hornet. when he disappeared, he was a 35-year-old lieutenant commander with a wife and two toddlers. now his rank is captain and his children are college age in his hometown of jacksonville, florida, reaction was bittersweet. >> i think joe an and the kids and i'm just glad this is over for them. and that they will be able to put it to rest. >> i'm sure it gives some closure to them and helps them. >> reporter: michael scott sp, eierchmia. now confirmed as the first american casualty of the gulf war. five ppl an overnightob an overnight htighes. heights. bteorefnedus jeoref 3:00 a. 00 atwood see trt. atwood geoeees prince grgnt county police say
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their injuries are not life threatening. have you started to notice it costs a little bit more to fill up lately? the price at the pump is starting to inch up again. it's happening in what aaa says is typically the most heavily traveled month of the year on the road. darcy spencer joins us with more. >> reporter: aaa is saying the prices have gone up a bit in recent days. but for the most part they're remaining pretty flat. that could produce a surge of end of summer road trips. gas prices in the d.c. area have been creeping back up recently. just over the past week they climbed five cents per gallon in the metro area. some drivers are struggling to fill their tanks every week. >> i can't fill up. if i fill up my tank now i'll be 15 or 20. we don't have enough money.
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>> reporter: aaa reports gas prices are fairly stable compared to earlier this summer. the motor club predicts there won't be any dramatic price dips or spikes this season. some motors are handling the higher prices easier because they've already traded in a gas guzzler. >> i was driving through. let me stop by. i did have to cut off -- i did have to buy a new -- a smaller vehicle. because filling one of these guys up is about -- >> reporter: this time last year drivers in the d.c. area were paying around $4 a gallon. aaa officials say with five weeks remaining in the summer driving season, gas prices are likely to remain about the same. that means more motorists could plan last minute, end of season vacations. >> over a two, three year period when the gas went up to almost $4 a gallon two, three years ago, it's still kind of -- kind of high. but i guess we're going to have
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to live with it. >> reporter: we certainly will. the aaa officials are saying that the prices should remain around the same. about $2.50 a gallon for the rest of the summer. darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you. a somber anniversary for the family and friends of a d.c. attorney. murdered three years ago today. the case remains unsolved. a group of bloggers who don't know anyone connected to the case is trying to figure out who killed robert wong. michael flynn has that report tonight. >> reporter: it's the third anniversary of the one of the district's most disturbing crimes when 32-yr-old attorney robert juan was found murdered inside this upscale row home in the duh pount circle area. juan had been stabbed, restrained and sexuallily assaulted. >> it's frustrating for us. i know it's more frustrating for his family. >> it's very sad. it's a travest for a murder to take that long to be
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investigated. >> reporter: trying to help solve this murder mystery is this group of friends from the very same neighborhood. late last year they started "who murdered robert" a blog filled with their own research and leads that they chase down. >> we're the skoobby gang. and we're meddling wherever we can go. >> we're trying to figure out what exactly happened that night. so through whatever means we can, by cull vating sources. >> reporter: the former roommates who lived at that house, joseph price, victor za boar ski and dylan ward are nowc accused of covering up evidence at the crime scene. juan told his wife he was staying over at his friends' house after working late that night. no one has been charged in the murder and despite their snooping, these part-time bloggers are still trying to decide who's responsible. do you all think you know who did it? >> no. >> reporter: really? >> i would say at this point even eight months after we started doing our in-depth
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research, that none of us are sure who actually committed the murder. >> reporter: the four amateur detectives say they're going to keep posting to that blog till the person or people responsible for killing robert juan in this row home are brought to justice. michael flynn, news 4. >> that group of bloggers holding a vigil outside the swan street row house where juan was killed. meanwhile, d.c. police chief tells news 4 that, quote, the investigation is still very active. coming up, new clues into what happened the day michael jackson died. how a photo released today could shed some new light on the final hours of the pop star's life. also ahead, investigators try to figure out what caused a massive fire that destroyed more than 20 businesses at a strip mall. if you're getting ready to take the kids back to school shopping, don't head out the doorwe yl t tellyet. we'll tell you h ou
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in israel today hundreds gathered for the funeral of a person killed during an attack at a gay youth club. mourners held gay pride flags and banners at that funeral. witnesses say a masked man opened fire in the club saturday night. the shooter killed two people and wounded 13 others. the club belongs to the tell avooif gay and lesbian association. we're getting what could be our first look inside michael jackson's bedroom. london's news of the world
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tabloid published a photo. it shows medical supplies strewn across the bed. the paper claims a family insider took the photo inside the bedroom a day after he died. we should note nbc news has not independently verified the authenticity of the photo. so far jackson's personal physician is the focus of a manslaughter investigation. fire destroyed at least 20 businesses in northern california earlier today. claims swept through a strip mall this morning as firefighters tried to put out the three-alarm fire. we have not heard just what sparked the blaze. fortunately, no one was hurt. still ahead, how you can save this week in virginia while you shop for those back to school supplies. after soggy sunday, what's in store for the workweek? steve's back with that forecast right after this.
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well, believe it or not, it's almost time to start thinking about back to school shopping. virginians can save some money next weekend during the state's annual tax holiday. from friday through the following sunday shoppering won't have to pay the 5% sales tax on school supplies that cost $20 or less. the department of taxation has put out a specific 42-item list. clothes and shoesnder $100 are also tax free for that week. a bizarre story. a michigan man playing monopoly with the neighbor ended up going directly to jail.
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kenneth apparently got quite angry when his opponent refused to sell board walk and park place to him. police say he slapped the woman, knocking her to the ground. he's charged with assaultnd battery. he'll be in court next week. who ever sells board walk and park place? you don't sell those. >> and then you don't slap someone. >> you are a monopoly whiz. >> i'm on it. >> what's the word on the weather? >> we'll start to see clearing skies overnight. the front is making its way through the area as we speak. as the front slides through, the clouds will follow it through. on the backside we have enough moisture in place where we could have fog develop during the overnight hours. otherwise tomorrow looks like a great day. lots of sunshine. with that extra sunshine it will be warmer with highs climbing up to about 90 degrees. the humidity stays with us. it will be quite humid as well.
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here's what it looks like as we look across the po totomac on t the mall. we'll eventually drop down into the 60 and low 70s by early tomorrow morning. rainfall total generally a quarter inch to half an inch with higher amounts underneath some of those thunderstorms. things are quiet now. there's that last thunderstorm pushing away way from far southern maryland and out toward the eastern shore. there is drier weather off to the west. we're not going to tap into that til the end of the week as another front makes its way across the area. there's the front right there. you can easily pick it out. behind the front for tomorrow, high pressure will build in. we'll see lots of sunshine. we'll stl have enough moisture in place where with the daytime heating, i think we can have at least an isolated thunderstorm. otherwise tomorrow mostly sunny skies. most f us staying dry with highs
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around 90. here's future cast. there's the front. moving through during the overnight hours tomorrow. lots of sunshine. that lasts right on into tuesday. as we approach wednesday, here comes that second front which drops down, bringing us the chance of a shower or thunderstorm again. behind that front, the humidity finally drops. here is the forecast then for this evening. scattered showers and storms. most of them are gone. we could continue to see at least an isolated shower or storm. otherwise clearing skies over the next couple of hours. and then for tomorrow, really pretty day. plenty of sunshine out there. we'll call it mostly sunny. w the warm side s ar hhs around 9ees. degrees. again, it stays humid. with the daytime heating and isolated storm is possible. not a big deal. all right. so here is the extended forecast. lots of sunshine tomorrow. likewise tuesday. then here comes the next front for a few pop-up storms on wednesday. then we cool things down for thursday. and drier air also comes in with that slightly cooler weather. there's another system that could affect us for friday.
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practice. the afternoon session very spirited with, i guess you could call it, the first mini skirmish of training camp. coach zorn actually said, you know, i was glad to see it. no big deal. not worried about it. these guys still love each other. the morning session a different story out here. full pad practice open to the public. the crowds were out despooite weather conditions. the umbrellas tell the story. so does this picture of coach zorn. jim zorn space invaders drill is back. remember this one? quarterbacks get pummeled with everything fromo s?mmie you can tell that he loves it. >> i enjoy it every time i get to take a shot at those qbs. no question. we talked about no head shots. we have a couple head shots today. we haven't done it because we're
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not in pads. i want to give these guys the sense of the pocket collapsing or guys grabbing at them, something like that. we he fun doing it. >> you watch him do it, and it really looks like he enjoys it. >> yeah, yeah. i think some fire is down on the inside of him. gets him to unleash the gragdra. he gets a joy out of that. where did that one come from? right in the middle of my throwing. >> jason campbell being dead serious. he actually got knocked down by a pad in that drill today but bounced right back up. no big deal. for the second straight day the defense looked better than the offense. this defensiveline could turn out be one of the best in the nfl. offense a work in progress at this point. they're trying a lot of different things. one member of the offense looking very good so far, second year wide sever malcolm kelly.
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we said the same thing about him last year. this guy has a ton of talent. kelly's lack of production was well documented last season. just three catches while he battled knee problems. so far this training camp, the knee has not been an issue. kelly has shown a knack for making spectacular catches. he has the opportunity to win a starting job now, which would quickly make the critics forget about last year. >> it's just, you know, getting healthy and being able to go out there and not think about the past. i really forget about it until somebody asks me about it. i've done a lot of stuff off the field to make sure i don't go through that same situation again. >> he's great with his hands. he can reach around. great positioning his hands in the right place to catch the ball, snash balls out of the air. he's a big guy. that's definitely a plus for us. those tight windows and holes, he can have the confidence he'll snatch it out of there. >> the nationals were actually
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thinking about trading josh willingham. it's a good thing they didn't. over the last two months he's been one of the best batters in all of baseball. this man is mashing the ball. doing it again today in pittsburgh. three rbis for willingham and a rare win for the nationals. let's go up to the berg. you got to watch out for the kid, man. a man on. he goes to left field. and this one just over the wall. a two-run shot. willingham's 17th homer of the season. the nationals take a 3-2 lead. three batters later. alberto gonzalez at the dish with a man on second. he sends one down the line into left. this goes into foul territory. fan reaches over and grabs it. that's what you call a ground rule double. the nationals get a 4-2 lead. as for the fan, the cop comes down to reprimand him. but he says, you know, i'll let you stay. top eight. willingham up again. he goes to left again. all the way to the wall.
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ryan zimmerman hustling around third. he scores all the way from first and willingham ends up with the rbi double. wins 2 for 3 with three rbi. nationals win 5-3. in the american league, the red sox crushed the orioles. a football score, 18-10 is the final. in golf, tiger wins again. his 69th pga tour victory. perhaps to us in this area, a victory that's even bigger, fred funk winning the second major componship of his year at the u.s. senior open. let's go to illinois. we start with the shot of the day from craig stadler, finishing up his round on 18. putting for birdie. stadler gets the go. he tosses his putter into the water! and then the ball, too! he's like, i've had enough! finishes the tournament at one over. the wall rus always having a good old time. here's the man, though. fred funk. on number four. and he's thinking birdie here. funk was in the flow all day
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long. gives the little fist pump. funk moves to 15 under. nobody would catch him today. here on 18, putting for birdie, and he's getting funky. a record score of 20 under kin makg ed unk f makg amends after a frustrating playoff loss at the senior british open. that's do it from here, redskins park. i'll see you at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is up next. until 11:00, that's the news. good night.
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